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  • Do you have a fly problem? Ant problem? Or any type of insect problem?
  • Are you tired of using fly spray?
  • Do you want 24 hour insect control?
Air Guard is the answer. Air Guard Konk dispensers are designed to help with insect control.

  • Eliminates flies, ants, fleas, mosquitoes and cockroaches
  • Uses pyrethrum, a non-residual natural insecticide
  • Effective and economic, one unit coves an average 120sqm home or workplace

Air Guard gives a tiny puff of aerosol every 8 minutes to completely control all flies, ants, fleas, mosquitoes and cockroaches. It is so effective that just one unit is all that is required in an average 120sq m home or workplace. Air Guard will do this without using any powerful chemicals. The active ingredient is pyrethrum, which is a non-residual, household type natural insecticide obtained from the chrysanthemum flower. Air Guard has the following advantages: it is portable, can be turned off/on as required, great in food establishments, no effect on asthmatics or people prone to allergies. It´s a deterrent as well as a killer. Ideal for homes, restaurants, offices, poultry sheds, piggeries, stables, green houses, etc. One month moneyback satisfaction guarantee, wherever you buy Air Guard.

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